about MellowTalk

for questions, comments, or concerns: contact@mellowtalk.com

# theory

MellowTalk was founded by Benjamin Turley in 2017 with the intention of providing a safe-space on the internet where people can discuss and share with each other in one, integrated community. it is the hope of this website that we can help people in a non-invasive, yet deeply personal way.

MellowTalk is a chat platform built on the kindness of strangers. we take two people, give them silly anonymous names, and expect one to help the other work out their problems. at its core, MellowTalk is here to give people someone to talk to, whether you want to get advice, find second opinions, or just to vent. our goal is to help people by making interactions private and secure while supplying a quality platform for free. we also have some new ways to make sure that both people have quality interactions.

# insights forum

MellowTalk insights is a way for people to get advice and answers by posting to a public forum. this is a solution for the people who are not comfortable or don't have the time to enter chat with another person, yet still want the security and advantages that come with the awesome MellowTalk community.

when using insights, people first post questions either anonymously or with their registered username. good posts can be liked which helps them move to the top of the page. people can then leave insights on the post which can also be liked. for every like a person recieves, they will gain a 💡 name badge.

for more information on posting etiquette, visit the insights rules page.

# names

names in MellowTalk are handled a bit differently than other sites. when you enter a chat, your name is generated with the format adjective adjective noun. we have 3.45 million possible names that can be generated. the names are meant to be silly, but also serve the purpose of keeping people anonymous and thereby removing a possibly threatening environment. if you don't have an account when you leave the talk, your name will disappear forever. you can keep your name and any points awarded from conversations by making an account.

# gems 💎

we believe the more that MellowTalk is supported directly by its users, the better content we can deliver. gems are an addition to the "thank" point system which allow gifters to both support MellowTalk and make someone's day a little brighter. by purchasing them, you give and get a special badge which appears next to your name. gifting gems also gives the receiver additional benefits such as being able to change the color of their name or an adjective in their name. you may give gems to yourself and receive name customization benefits, however you will only get the special badge for MellowTalk supporters giving gems but not the badge for those receiving gems. we do this in order to make sure actually being gifted a gem by another person remains special and you can't fake prestige by driving up your gem count. to learn more about gems, see below.


# talk tips

just some things too keep in mind when you're talking to a stranger