💎 gifting gems 💎

we believe the more that MellowTalk is supported directly by its users, the better content we can deliver. by giving gems, you can help support us and make someone's day a little better at the same time.

gifting gems allows you to not only let someone know you appreciate them, but also comes with plenty of other sweet perks.

gem benefits

give 💎

name badges

give a special 💎 badge counter which appears next to their name

get a cool ☕ badge counter showing you support the devs

💎3 Happy Red Badger

5 Cheerful Round Newt

name customization

send the ability to change a name adjective

send the ability to change name color

👍17💎2 Limber Golden Goat

👍17💎2 Groovy Golden Goat


send a nice note with your gift. its pretty self-explanatory


a warm, fuzzy feeling

you get to make someone feel good after they receive your awesome gift


I would like to give a gem for being a generally awesome person

you must sign in to send gems so you can get your benefits

disclaimer: if you send gems to yourself, you will recieve the ☕ supporter badge but not the 💎 badge. read why we do this here

by gifting gems, you agree to the site rules

we are community funded. every gem pays for 99.66 hours of server time
for questions, comments, concerns: contact@mellowtalk.com