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MellowTalk is a chat platform and forum built on the kindness of strangers. we are here to give people someone to talk to whether you want advice, a second opinion, or just to vent. our goal is to help people by making interactions private and secure in a non-invasive, yet deeply personal way.

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mental health resources

its an interesting phenomenon that brings the people that use this site together. everyone needs some kind of safe-space for their own happiness, and we at MellowTalk do our best to supply it at no added cost. however, for many people, having someone available to vent to isn't enough to restore their wellbeing. while MellowTalk is not a therapy service, we will always care for the mental health of our users and we ask all those who are suffering from mental health problems to seek help by checking out the resources below. please, help us help you. it can always get better.

suicide prevention
online testing
eating disorders