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crush advice?

posted by Anonymous on 12 September, 2022

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i think this dude has a crush on me idk. he was pretty rude/not nice to generally everybody last year but this year hes really nice to me and i think everyone. he didnt even know me last year since we had a class tg. i dont i cared ab him either. but i sit close to him in class and when i get called on he wispers answers to me. but then again he also did that for someone else. hes in another class of mine and helped me with homework and is pretty nice to me all that time. he taps me on the back sometimes to annoy me i guess and he says hi to me in the hallways. idk if he likes me or is nice to me like he might be towards anyone else.

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Anonymous ● 17 September, 2022 ⚓︎

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thanks !! :)