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i love cutting, and i'm getting better

posted by 👍3 💡24 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey on 02 March, 2019

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for me, this is a happy vent, but to a lot of people it's not, but i'll put this here anyway. i'm finally making better cuts :o just made some cuts that bled throughout and eeeee

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Anonymous ● 02 March, 2019 ⚓︎

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my best friend used to cut herself when she went through a really difficult time a couple of years ago. she's a lot better now but she still has the scars and wishes so much that she didn't. she has to wear long sleeves when out and about so that no one sees, and if anyone does see she has to explain that like she's not suicidal and she finds it really awkward. don't keep doing it, please. it isn't worth it, there's so many better ways to deal with whatever's hurting you, and you'll regret it when you're older like my friend does. you wouldn't be here if you thought cutting was actually good. it's a way of not dealing with your problems and it will make you feel much worse in the end.