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huge misunderstanding

posted by Anonymous on 03 December, 2021

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so my friend was talking abt how he has his senior yearbook quote chosen already and back in freshman year he wrote it so his older self could use it, so it’s just been in his notes for three years. and i’m carrying to compliment him by saying smt similar to the word inheritance but it came out as “wow that’s really ignorant” and i’m like wtf shit shit fuck and the girl next to me who probs already hates me cuz i fought w/her this week on a project and she called me annoying gave me this look and i’m trying to apologize to him for saying ignorance when i meant to say inheritance cuz like senior him is sort of inheriting the will of him in freshmen year 3 years ago and you know, freshmen year him wished for this to be his quote so senior him is filling it for him you know? inheritance? but it came out as ignorance and i just fucking hate myself for this cuz it’s like i shit on his quote and freshman year him ugh and like it’s already last the point, i apologized to him and was like “i’m sorry, if didn’t mean to say ignorance i meant to say inheritance” but they didn’t understand that either cuz who tf would say inheritance hnkess k explained what i meant and we had an assignment to do and the topic just moved on so i can’t even bring it up to set things straight but like i already apologized? yea i don’t say sorry often and he warranted it but like to not be able to set things straight? pissed me off and insta regret forever a introvert problem right here :/ so yea any advice?

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Anonymous ● 04 December, 2021 ⚓︎

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oh ok...well, that’s good you cleared things up with him!