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how to cope

posted by Anonymous on 26 April, 2020

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i wrote a piece about positivity that gained some traction on social media. even some writers i respect commented on it. i posted it quickly, and i had a huge typo. no one pointed it out to me, but i realized it tonight and went back to correct it. i am so embarrassed and now can’t sleep. how do you cope with feeling ashamed and anxious at night especially? thanks!

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💡4 Light Sturdy Bear ● 05 May, 2020 ⚓︎

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hello, the main point you need to remember is what you wrote about positivity obviously helped allot of people, whether that be directly or indrectly. i completely understand that it has made you feel this way, however you just need to keep in mind the support you have provided other people. yes you may have made a typo, but no one mentioned it and you corrected in time. that in it self is great! you should never feel embarrassed on what you did lots of people even the best writters in the world make those very mistakes, its okay and all you got from your piece was not hate....but like the piece you wrote...positivity!! i see some people recommending ways to help you sleep and remedies to support it. thats all great advise in its own way, but also try to support your mind first...try your best not to dwell on a mistake that did not directly affect anyone, you should be feeling proud and happy that not only has your piece gained so much attention but undoubtably supported so many people out there! try to think about the happiness you have brought others, about how it has helped so many with no bad coming from it. think about the possive and then try to do some breathing exercises. there are many tutorials which can support the relaxation of your mind, once your in that safe space of mind hopefully this will support you in sleeping a little easier. the feelings you experience wont always dissapear over night it may take sometime but in due course it will get easier, it will, and never forget what greatness came from the piece you wrote. well done!!