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how to cope

posted by Anonymous on 26 April, 2020

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i wrote a piece about positivity that gained some traction on social media. even some writers i respect commented on it. i posted it quickly, and i had a huge typo. no one pointed it out to me, but i realized it tonight and went back to correct it. i am so embarrassed and now can’t sleep. how do you cope with feeling ashamed and anxious at night especially? thanks!

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Anonymous ● 27 April, 2020 ⚓︎

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this is a really relatable feeling. i still struggle with ruminating about posts online. i think it's just the idea that its out and published for the world to see as an example of our work. the key is realizng that when we spend too much time thinking about what we post online, we are giving the post an importance which it does not deserve. nothing you make is worth losing sleep over. the post is not all you are and nobody thinks so either. shame and anxiety are very strong words. where do these feelings come from?