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cant connect

posted by Anonymous on 17 July, 2019

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because of my job i havent lived in the same place for more than a year in about 5 years due to this i'm constantly leaving people and meeting new people and now i feel like i dont have a support system i've been so sad lately and starved for finding people who share my general interests the person whose company i enjoy the most has a long distant girlfriend so i cant hang out with him without feeling guilty and that weighs on me i've tried finding other people who share my interests but its discouraging when everyone i meet thinks the music i listen too and the shows i watch are lame i'm really not that unique i know i'm just somehow looking in the wrong place i don't feel comfortable talking about it with anyone i know and i'm just holding a lot of stuff in idk what to do

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Anonymous ● 17 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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just wanna tell you u are not alone! but i do believe that god sends us right people in the right time .. and if for now it feels lonely and we don't really connect with anyone around then this phase is about finding deeper connection within with ur own self sometimes it's better for us to be alone sometimes and if we walk our path of growth and development we will attract the right people accept that for now no one outside gets u .. and focus on growing and being the best version of urself <3