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posted by 💡2 Zealous Floral Wallaby on 29 March, 2019

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hello, i am feeling very lonely and empty and sad. i am in university, and i used to have very closed friends but since i am doing a double major. i don’t see my friends that often anymore. and that makes me sad. beside that, i have this very close male friend. we had been very close which my best one, and i always enjoy his friendship. just 1 month ago he went to my dorm and something just happened. i started having feeling for him but he said that he doesn’t. he just want friendship. i am not sure of the feeling too. since then i am different. i feel very lonely and empty and keep thinking about him. but it’s been 2 month already. i don’t know that empty and sad feeling is because i don’t see my good friends that often anymore or it’s cause of that friend. at the same time i feel like maybe cause i was very close to him, i used to see him everyday, we studied together so that why i am missing him as a really good friend? and could someone please help me to see it more clear what cause my sadness, and what should i do to get out of them and being normal again? thanks a lot

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Inquisitive Velvety Gorilla ● 02 April, 2019 ⚓︎

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maybe you could find a new group to join or a choir/sports class thst would help you make new connections.