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why am i like this?

posted by 💡1 Kind Blue Rose on 20 April, 2020

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i knew i shouldn't have but i read another lesbian romance manga. and now im sitting alone crying over fictional love rather than working. i get so wrapped up in stupid shit, yearning for some form of human connection. but nothing ever changes, nobodies around to just chat over the phone. i have so much to do, but i feel so crushingly unloved that im turning to strangers on the internet? how do i stop being sad all the time?

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Anonymous ● 26 May, 2020 ⚓︎

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i feel you. the fictional world draws me much more than the real one, and often i wish i could but once be part of the stories i read. the real world disappoints often, all one can do is try to balance. use it as a reward system maybe? like after working or during unwinding time, let urself read n relax. you are not alone