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why am i like this?

posted by 💡1 Kind Blue Rose on 20 April, 2020

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i knew i shouldn't have but i read another lesbian romance manga. and now im sitting alone crying over fictional love rather than working. i get so wrapped up in stupid shit, yearning for some form of human connection. but nothing ever changes, nobodies around to just chat over the phone. i have so much to do, but i feel so crushingly unloved that im turning to strangers on the internet? how do i stop being sad all the time?

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💡8 Quirky Orchid Gazelle ● 25 April, 2020 ⚓︎

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hi there, this got pretty long, though, there's no worries about replying in full or asap, though, i just wanted to share this with you, it's very understandable to crave for love & affection & to read stories that have those qualities in them, i can imagine how tough it is to be moved to tears & it's very understandable to get invested in a story that hits close to home or tugs on your heartstrings, i hear where you're coming from, it's difficult to work while coping with emotions & i don't think it's stupid, i can empathize with how it feels to be moved by a story & to crave for connection, as you deserve to feel loved & have support & a place to call your own around others who treat you with respect & kindness, i hope that someone will be able to chat with you & that you're able to take care with all the things you have to do, especially while feeling unloved, it's okay to talk to others & on the internet, as mellowtalk is here to listen for you too & i'm unsure how to stop feeling sad all the time, though, i hope things will be kinder to you & i don't think there's anything wrong in allowing yourself to feel,, i've heard vent is an app similar to mellowtalk & so is 7cups, i've used them in the past as well, if you feel more comfortable talking with people online, & i hope you're able to practice self-care when you can & i'm cheering you on & rooting for you, kind blue rose, 💙