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i'm not sure if i'm really in love

posted by Anonymous on 28 November, 2020

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i've been in a relationship with someone for three years now and very few people know about it because i know they wont be accepting now, but i'm not even sure if i'm really in love with the person i am with... he considers me his world (he's seeing a future with me) so i don't leave him but then he was my best friend from school before we dated and i was in love with another guy. and that guy might probably never come back because he's in love with another woman i'm not sure what i'm doing...

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Anonymous ● 30 November, 2020 ⚓︎

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well that's a complicated thing. but i'll suggest you to follow your heart if u thing that u are comfortable with him and also u can spend you rest of your life then u should ask him first that did he ever feels that way or not. or else u should move on if he is just your bestie. it's up to u, what you would like to do. but take care that don't do such things that it might regret your parents in future. i think that i have told a lot. hope u will find it helpful.