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am i ugly

posted by Anonymous on 26 October, 2021

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am i ugly? all my life i waited for the boy of my dreams to appear, but he seems to have never existed. all the boys i’ve met throughout my life never seemed to be interested in me and are always saying how they never wanted or liked me and thought i was on the short and ugly side. this one guy in particular even said how i was so fugly and butt ugly that i should go kill myself since nobody would ever want or like me. recently, i was asked if i thought i was ugly and i ponder the question for a few minutes. i’ve mention this before on here ask any boy who knows who i am they would point blank tell you that they think i’m ugly, but hearing if i thought i was ugly hit a different note. i know there is a fine line between confident and conceited and one should never cross that line, but god made this way. i never chose to look like this…i am his creation and in his eyes i was perfect to him. so am i ugly? i don’t think so, but that’s just my opinion. we are all beautiful in our own way and we are perfect in god’s eyes and that’s the only thing that should matter. people’s opinion doesn’t matter and what you think of yourself is what truly matters. if you think i am ugly that’s your opinion and you should keep it to yourself. i don’t want to hear it. maybe making fun of me was your way of running from your own problems, but says what you want to say….do what you want to do. i’m going to stand on my ground. that is all i wanted to say. am i ugly? i don’t care. keep your opinon to yourself.

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i agree with you, anon. we all are unique and made with care, be it mother or god or even by the virtue of the soul within us. everyone has their own unique beauty that shines in accordance with their personality. do not let the gum flapping bring you down. the right one comes at the right time. till then, we gotta be our own backup! give your best, anon! sending hugs and love.