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didnt expect this to happen

posted by Anonymous on 13 November, 2021

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today wasn’t something i had expect to come my boss called me into her office letting me know it was my last day and i’m like okay did i do something wrong she was like no you did nothing wrong. the position title i had at my job was medical records file clerk, one of the employees who they throught wasn’t coming back did come back which i didn’t know anything about and because she was going to medical school because of it, i just felt like my boss should’ve said to me this will be a temp job and it would’ve been fine with me but the i was laid off wasn’t something i didn’t expect

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Anonymous ● 15 November, 2021 ⚓︎

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yes, they should have told you that it could be a temp job. that really is unfair. but if you are in the united states, you may qualify for unemployment compensation while you are looking for another job - because you weren't fired, you were laid off through no fault of your own. i'm sorry that happened to you. sometimes employers don't behave respectfully. good luck to you!