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wife had affair i am devastated

posted by Anonymous on 27 December, 2018

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my wife had an another affair, decided to leave me for him (didnt tell me) then the other man said no to her asked ng him when he was going to leave his wife. she is in love with him. i know it was just a silly casual fling for him but she thinks it was real. our marriage is destroyed. im still in love with her and im devastated. desperately trying to rebuild but if i could just step back i would see that she is not a good person, conceited and not trustable. what a mess. my friends tell me to leave. i cant believe im in love with with this horrible person but i am. i dont even have the energy to ask a question here.

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Anonymous ● 27 December, 2018 ⚓︎

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she is not a good person you are right. you have to stay strong and start proceedings for making a new life for yourself as quickly as you can. don't bother yourself with the other guy, you will find someone else for sure. what matters is how clean a break you make this as it'll help long term. kick her out or move out. lawyer up! i can't stress that enough. get in with some friends, look for support from them. don't be petty, or sad. leave that for the end. just be smart right now. i believe in you. good luck.