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how do i find a date

posted by Anonymous on 26 September, 2021

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i don't even know why i'm posting this, but i'm in tears. this person on blah therapy and my neighbor said how i really was ugly and that nobody ever liked or wanted me and that it was the honest to god truth. i don’t know what to believe or think. i just wanted to find a way to be more attractive without being seductive, book smart without being a drop out and funny without being retarded and stupid and quite frankly finding a date to wishmaker's ball and prom, but people kept turning me down and making me feel stupid for even thinking i was gonna ask them. i don’t even know why i bother asking this question, but what should i do? i'm in tears. i want the whole prom experience of going with a date and wine and dining them, so i don’t want to go by myself. past years i’ve asked my sisters, but they didn’t seem interested and its just weird dancing with your sister. i know nobody’s probably gonna answer, but whatever….i guess i’m a loser in tears :(

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