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oof just feeling down

posted by 👍3 💡20 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey on 23 March, 2019

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oof ok so ima make this quick cause this has been botherring for like the whole day aha so i'm an athiest at t acatholic school cause i used to be catholic i just didn't believe in god for some time ( i havent told my parentscause there's a public school right enxt to my neighborhood and i like the school im in rn) and people found out so like everyday someone just starts arguing with me about god and shit and it's annoying as hell but anyways this guy who sat next to me (who sat next to my crush and was like friends with my crush who im also friends with) literally told me i'm like worthless and don't belong in the school and how the school would be better off without me and uhhhhhh i cut a bit but it's been on my mind alot uwu sorry if there are any typos i rushed this aha

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Anonymous ● 19 June, 2019 ⚓︎

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that is no way to treat somebody just because they don't believe in god. you deserve much better. remember that you are not worthless. you are worth just as much if not more than these catholics who are not behaving like catholics shd be behaving.