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am i needy or justified?

posted by 💡1 Groovy Smooth Kangaroo on 17 September, 2021

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i'll try to keep this brief and thank anyone for their feedback and time in advance. i'm happily married for 4 yrs and been together for about 11 yrs now. by most standards, we have an awesome relationship. by that i mean, we love each other, for the most part we communicate well, we share goals and never really fight. i'm a very affectionate person with my wife and constantly caress and kiss her throughout the day. i do this because i'm just a loving person. with this in mind, i'm usually the one that initiates sex, i'm usually the one that initiates cuddling, i initiate a kiss, you get the idea. my wife is receptive to all of this and i do not feel in any way like she's forced to go along. my problem is that i don't receive this affection from her at all. she reciprocates for the most part when i initiate but she never initiates any of this affection. when she does, it makes me feel so loved and cared for and i feel like i'm at the top of the world. there's nothing better for me, especially when she does it in public. i have asked her repeatedly that i love it and i would like for her to be more affectionate but she has never changed or done anything about it. do you think i'm being needy? i hate to think that maybe she's just bored with me or our relationship. am i out of line continuing to press on this? i really don't want to ruffle any feathers by bringing it up over and over again because otherwise, our relationship is amazing and i'm just so grateful for everything else?

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Anonymous ● 19 September, 2021 ⚓︎

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you're a lucky person. you are able to show affection easily. but not everyone has that gift. so, as long as she isn't rejecting you when you approach her, and since you have already talked about it, i would say let it be and enjoy what sounds like a wonderful relationship. we don't get everything in equal measure from other people. but if she is good to you, that counts for so much.