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stripping for a living

posted by Anonymous on 29 October, 2019

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its tough to say this me and my sister aren’t speaking to our mom after threatened us not to tell our father her new occupation as a stripper .very disgusted at our mom is how we feel but not only that it’s very inconsiderate of her to even do something so risky too the point like is it really worth taking your clothes off

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👍7 💡8 Tiny Red Bison ● 19 November, 2019 ⚓︎

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i'm really sorry that both you and your sister know of you mom's occupation. it is wrong that both you and your sister know your mother is a stripper before your father does. it is wrong that you have this information about your mother. i'm truly sorry how that information is weighing on you and your sister. with that being said, your mother is an adult who is making her own life-decisions. this occupation exists because clients exist. the sex-industry is very much real, filled with real people from different walks of life, there is a lot of bad as there is good in the sex-industry. strippers will not always end their performance completely nude. there is more dance and tease then there is flying on a pole naked. most times strippers can make next to nothing to a grand pay. so it is a gamble on the income of money as strippers are often contracted into the work, they don't get health benefits, they have to pay fee's to the stage their renting and there is no job security. know that the likely hood that this is temporary is very plausible. know that your mother is making her own decisions that she thinks is best for whatever reasons. you don't have to be happy with her life decisions just take a step back and understand that her life decision doesn't reflect you or your family. my advice is to tell your mother that you are not willing to be the person she confides in. that you don't think its fair that she told you any of this let alone let you in on a secret you have to withhold from your father. that was 100% inconsiderate of her and its damaging your relationship with both her and your father. that isn't right.