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vent (tw possible ed)

posted by Anonymous on 30 October, 2022

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i just need to vent a bit, im having a bit of an episode im on my fourth day on some weightloss exercise plan and im "restricting " (i always forget to upload the calories i eat but im mindful about them ) and today i finished my daily exercises but couldnt finish the extra ones bc i was too tired. decided to eat something and i immediately regretted it, started panicking about those 100 calories i would be regaining if i ate and i started crying but i couldnt stop eating, im still very upset about this and i cant talk about it with anyone irl . i already feel like im not sick enough for an ed (high restriction, overeating days (aka i eat around 1200 kcals instead of 1000 and rarely under, etc) and eating and crying had kinda an effect on me yk im just tried of this i wish i were naturally skinny and didnt need this and i wish my mom didnt tell me to lose weight at ten and i wish i could talk to someone about this . ill try to eat very little during dinner later so i can feel a bit more in control of the situation (even tho ill probably eat the whole plate and ill feel even worse) thanks for listening to my rant putting it in words kinda helped <3

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umm, don't count calories unless you're a medical professional haha. just stick to something easy like a vegan diet. then just eat all you have. that's way easier.