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cant manage

posted by 💡1 Quirky Sienna Herring on 05 July, 2020

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hi. seems like i am unable to manage with kids, home, social isolation, hubby.. just seems like everything is gone wrong. sarah klein

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Anonymous ● 12 July, 2020 ⚓︎

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hi sarah , sounds like a struggle you are going through which will take time to improve. you have identified social isolation as one of the troubling things. might i suggest that you try and do what is within your power to : - talk more , build understand and humour with your hubby - .. can even be going out together , with the kids - recontacting family and take kids around - finding any local mums online , or past friends who can meet up with in parks , shopping , picnic i understand when things are down , everything also feels down and not quite right. its your instincts telling you to do a bit more for yourself . little changes add up to bringing life back into life . x x x