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had to deal with reality

posted by Anonymous on 06 July, 2021

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today i went to my dad’s funeral and finally saw him in the casket this was definitely not easy for me to prepare for. but i had to just look at him for the last time before the casket closed up even though i did it but it really hurt me and it will hurt me for a while, if i could go back to june 20th or even way before he passed it would’ve been different

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Anonymous ● 26 September, 2021 ⚓︎

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im so sorry...im sure you miss him dearly...you mention this in many posts, but if you can’t deal with the pain that he’s gone i suggest therapy or counseling like just talking out your feelings and have a good heavy cry about it...just let go and don’t hold back...don’t think if i did this or had done that just accept it was his time to go...that he serve his purpose in life and had to exit...we all eventually die! just know he’s never fully gone he’s still in your heart and mind and you will always remember the good times and just know that when you feel a chill in the back of your neck while thinking about him that’s him giving you a hug from behind...sorry if i wasn’t much help, but best of luck hope i made you feel a little better