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i think my classmate knows i cut

posted by 👍3 💡24 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey on 20 January, 2019

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ok so um ik i already did a "i think i look up to cutting" one but it was kinda hard not to cut even tho there was a good suggestion. anyways, so i used to only cut my legs, but i recently started cutting my arms. my classmate noticed and he seemd like he believed my excuse, but idk if he really did. he seems like a nice person but i'm afraid he's gonna like tell his friends. one of his friends is my main source of happiness so im just worried they're gonna distance themselves away from me now.

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Anonymous ● 27 January, 2019 ⚓︎

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i bet they would want to help you. what about a school counselor or psychologist then? they don't have to tell your parents.