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i don't want to live anymore

posted by 💡4 Simply Purple Toucan on 04 July, 2019

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so many things , can't stop crying , can't live like this anymore 1) have alot of friends but i chose few who i used to share now they ignore tooo i have no friends to talk tooo ... if i talk they r not interested 2) i had many relationship each had some issue an ended this time i don't wanted to be in any , but then it happened first 2 months was the best , then it changed ignorance came in ,meeting stopped and then there was no communication at all , he calls me only if he has work or needs money , he meets only to drink n party , he never ask how m i , how was my day nothing at all after telling him i have got anxiety issues , stressed out, getting into depression and i just wanted to talk to him , but still he ignored he always tells m busy at work but he is out with friends or talking to other girl i wanted a stable relationship and this was the last i can't keep changing bf can't handle the social status every where i go , people ask me about him i can't just answer everyone , i can't carry fake smile to work everyone things m the strongest i give advice to people even if they call me at middle of the night i come to help but im in this state i have no one to answer anytime i need help i don't know who will i call who will i seek for help i need someon to talk i need to cry out loud i need to get over this i need help i can't take it anymore i don't feel like living ....

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💡4 Simply Purple Toucan ● 05 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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now today i have to travel with him for work for next 3 days idk how is it going to be . i really dont knw what to do always wanted someone to ask abt my day and listen to them too