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i dont know anymore...

posted by 💡1 Limber Smooth Bear on 17 October, 2021

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i feel like my relationship is already a lost cause. i really wanna see my girlfriend in person but there's pandemic and i haven't got my money yet. the latter is the one causing me distress the most. ive stressing over it for almost a month. i couldn't even do the things i wanted to do, cause i'm not just feeling it. ive stopped getting back to reading, working out, and practising coding altogether. i really want us to work, but she's already fed up with me. i have no effort, because i dont visit her quite often. but the reason i dont get visit her, as much as i really want to, is i haven't still got my money yet. i know this reason might seem shallow for you people (that money doesnt matter etc etc) but i really wanna take my girl to lots of date. recently she asked me to put an ultimatum in our relationship to see if we will still work. i said three months and she agreed to it. btw ive been a horrible partner to her in the past but now im changing it to the best of my ability. but sometimes im being overshadowed by the thought of maybe its not worth it at all, what im doing, because after 3 months im sure she'll leave me. (the chat is taking too long to find me a partner so i just decided to post it here)

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Anonymous ● 26 October, 2021 ⚓︎

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why would you say to wait three months if you feel like you need her in your life? i mean you should just call her up and tell her how you really feel and maybe even talk to her about your money woes. maybe she might be understanding. i dont know what you did in the past since you said you were a horrible partner but prove to her that you change for the better. also, if money is an issue just go on cheap dates like go the park and have a picnic or just go out for ice cream. sorry if i wasnt much help, but good luck to you.