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posted by 💡23 💎1 Sweet Mahogany Goldfinch on 17 May, 2021

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hey all. apparently there are 8-9 people talking at once through mellowtalk right now, and perhaps it's because of this that i've been encountering some glitches. 1) the room closes seemingly at random 2) three (maybe more?) people sometimes get put in one room 3) sometimes the room "freezes", so to speak, and i cannot enter anything into the chat window. i think quite a few people are experiencing this right now, so i wanted to provide a thread to discuss it with others - you probably aren't alone in this :)

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💡23 💎1 Sweet Mahogany Goldfinch ● 19 May, 2021 ⚓︎

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haha, i felt exactly the same! when that type of glitch happens to me, i usually type into the chat that i'll go back to the main room because i can't see the chats (though i have no idea if the other person can see the message), then re-enter as a listener. hope that helps for future reference!