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im sorry -- a message to my love

posted by 💡2 Trendy Chocolate Penguin on 14 January, 2020

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it's been really hard to deal with these intense, dejected feelings and act like i am fine. i want you to know that these emotions are not because of you. your actions do affect me, but i am the reason that i blow them out of proportion and convince myself that you do not love me anymore. i unfortunately need a lot of reassurance and i am at a very vulnerable and sensitive time of my life. i cannot explain it.. but i feel terrible for putting you through this... we did have our issues and you've fixed them, but i still don't feel better about myself. so it has to be me. i must be the problem.... and im sorry for making my problems your problems. it is not your responsibility to take care of me.. i love you and i think you deserve better than me.

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