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got more of what i didn't expect to be

posted by Anonymous on 23 October, 2021

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its tough for me to stay this who would've thought that being a medical records file clerk is difficult as any other job you apply for. today was my first day at work and once i got there and everything see all files in order oh jeez it was tough when doing medical records trying to find patient’s files it can be difficult, already thought doctors office would machine that would do the files so you wont have too, i just started and it’s like understanding what my mom dealt but she did it with no problem with i myself on the other hand got a lot to understand im even questioning myself am i even right for this job i can only point the finger at myself for making that decision i’m being trained for it and already i can’t stand this woman who is complete idiot but i got other people helping me out so that’s a good thing for me. my mom told just stick with it for the time being and then after you find something else not sure if i wanna stay with it all i can do is try to stick it out but i feel like i should come up with a plan to transfer to my former doctors office and work there

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Anonymous ● 23 October, 2021 ⚓︎

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i understand how you feel. i once worked a job for one day. i also was told to stick with it, but sometimes you are in the wrong place and you can feel it. if you have another possible job, look into that. or, if you want to give his a longer try, stay through the holidays and leave in january of the new year. at least you could say you gave it a shot. good luck to you.