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way out of line

posted by Anonymous on 12 November, 2021

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i was definitely irritated because out of nowhere one of co-worker’s asks me about my age, and i got so worked annoyed and wondering why are you asking me about my age, a part of me wants to brush it off but then another part of me wants to have a private chat with the office manager about it. i’m like this is a place of business certain things you don’t bring up in public like that, my job is driving me over the edge of wanting to resign which i might end up doing if this continues one thing is for sure i don't trust certain people at my job despite having to work with them i can’t trust them always saying stuff behind someone’s back

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if the way they asked you was inappropriate , then you should talk to higher people about it. if it was something that bothers you when people ask about it casually, then think of any underlying triggers that make feel so. even then, you can always let them know that you dont like to be asked that. you set the boundaries. dont let others chatter bristle you up.