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posted by Anonymous on 30 June, 2021

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expectations i'm disappointed you acted like this. i thought we agreed we would be honest. why are you talking to me like this? what is the problem? what is your problem? why are you such a hypocrite? you insult me, call me names, leave me with so little information, and you expect me to still like you? you expect me to think this is okay, for me to forgive you? how do you think any of this is normal, respectful, caring, like you said we should be to each other? i'm violated by your ignorance to our priorities. we talked about this already, so many times, how to handle something like this, how to be honest and respectful to each other. we talked about what is important, i thought you knew what is important... but instead you leave me behind, leave me in a cloud of dust. you excluded me from our connection because of your selfishness, your greediness of yourself, despite telling me what we would do. how can i not be resentful of you? you've lied to me, betrayed our expectations, chosen the path of least resistance for you when i'm trying so hard to be open and emotionally available for you. but you give nothing, because it's too hard for you. you're weak, and you lie to us both when you say you're strong. you can't really handle the pressure, that's why you run away when things get difficult. it's disgusting. you can't even stand in front of me to listen, to respond to what i'm saying with honesty and directness despite asking me of these things so often. you even threatened me, threatened to leave, this is how weak you are. i can't stand you. you're a fake, you lie to yourself, and lie to me because of that. you're a fake, you're weak, i don't want to see you again, i only feel anger towards you. you ruined this, it's your fault. i despise you for hurting me, hurting us, like this. you don't really care, or you would try harder, you would know how awful what you're doing is. i don't want to speak to you again.

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hope you feel lighter now, anon.