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wrong choice of food

posted by Anonymous on 16 May, 2021

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my brother is obese and i’m concerned for him, i know it’s not my business to tell him what he should do in all, i just wanna see him healthy. he wanna to go to mcdonald’s and get double cheeseburgers shake i’m like you should be a gettin a salad not no double cheeseburger

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👍2 💡20 💎1 Warmly Silken Leopard ● 17 May, 2021 ⚓︎

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another point to try and keep in mind is that trying to control the symptoms of an issue is not as effective to long term help as is trying to address the root causes. often, but not always, the root cause of this is someone not valuing themselves as they should. when you dont value yourself and therefor dont value taking care of yourself, overeating or overdrinking can be one of many effects. perhaps your brother needs to be reminded of his worth and of the worth of a healthy positive active life. that could take time though.