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wrong choice of food

posted by Anonymous on 16 May, 2021

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my brother is obese and i’m concerned for him, i know it’s not my business to tell him what he should do in all, i just wanna see him healthy. he wanna to go to mcdonald’s and get double cheeseburgers shake i’m like you should be a gettin a salad not no double cheeseburger

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hey anon, i get your concern but saying just that to your brother wouldnt help him anyway and there's a chance that he can get hurt over the comment and turn defensive. its not a proper way, even, to switch from a heavy diet to salad suddenly. find a quiet place, sit with him and ask if he's up for a talk about it. go with his decision. or you can say that you want to see him healthier, so would support him if he chooses a healthy way of life and that starts with the advice from a professional, imo.