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posted by 💡1 Loving Silver Scallion on 05 March, 2022

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hello, my name is skylar i have learning disabilities: adhd, ocd, auditory processing disorder, oral expression disorder, severe anxitey, and depression. i feel sorry, anxious, depressed because i feel like people think i am annoying, crazy, weird, etc. it feels like nobody likes me or wants to be my friend. it feels like barely even anyone wants to be my friend. it feels like barely even anyone wants to text with me/hangout with me. it feels like i am invisible like some people dont even notice me. it makes me feel sad and lonely because it feels like nobody wants to be my friend.

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Anonymous ● 07 March, 2022 ⚓︎

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hey, welcome to mellowtalk! i had the same problems in high school where i felt like a social outcast. i was awkward and ruminated all the time about my issues and thought about how i was disliked just for being who i am. as i got older, i realized that all young people experience those feels. it's just part of being an anxious teenager. not to take away from your experience, of course, but it helped me when i understood that i wasn't alone in my severe social anxiety and that people like us get better all the time. what tends to help when you're feeling this way?

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💡1 Loving Silver Scallion ● 23 May, 2022 ⚓︎

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can we please talk?