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losing a friend

posted by Anonymous on 20 August, 2022

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he and i were close friends fr 3 years. i liked him romantically also without his knowledge. he is getting engaged as per arranged marriage system since they want same community. i told him that i liked him now becos i confessed i liked him. im not expecting anything in return since he is betrothed but now i cant be friends with him. i am consumed with jealousy and resentment tho he didn’t lead me on. i have breakdowns at work tho no one knows we are work colleagues. i dunno how to deal with this? i don’t know what to do or how to behave. if someone cud offer advice. i want to be stoic. i get anxiety attacks every night

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Anonymous ● 29 August, 2022 ⚓︎

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it's understandable the feelings you have because you are grieving. but it's important to try and occupy yourself with other things and people. be grateful for the time you enjoyed and the friendship experience. learn from it as well in preparation for future relationships be it platonic or romantic. a and try to be happy for your friend beginning a new life and hope he adjusts well because relationships can be difficult.