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posted by Anonymous on 20 January, 2020

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i love my family and i want them in my life. but, well, they’re really homophobic. and im a lesbain. i know that they wouldn’t love me if they only knew im gay. they wouldn’t treat me the same. i dont blame them tho, my parents grew up in the ussr and all their relatives were (and still are, obviously) homophobic. they were raised this way, i know, and i know i cant change them, but i cant live like this anymore. seems like all i do is lie, lie, lie. and it disgusts me so much, i disgust me so much. i sometimes wish i wasnt born at all

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💡135 💎2 Delightful Scarlet Jellyfish ● 15 March, 2020 ⚓︎

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hello there! first of all, i'm really sorry you feel like your parents wouldn't accept you if you told them the truth. unfortunately, i cannot confirm nor deny that. a lot of issues come from people's cultural background; acceptance, sometimes, being one of them. however, i feel the need to tell you that acceptance is something you have to do for yourself, not something others have to provide you. i understand how hard it must be, being in a position like that, but i would never tell you to hide who you are. i want you to feel comfortable with the person you are and i want nothing but having the chance to see you embrace your own uniqueness. telling your parents about your sexual orientation is a choice only you can make. it's not something you can be rushed or pressured to do, you must do it on your own terms and by your own rules. do it when you feel ready to do so, or don't do it at all if you never feel ready. however, i must warn you. whatever you choose, it comes with its own set of consequences. i'm sorry life's not what it should be, i'm sorry there are so many freaking obstacles to your expression of individuality, but i want you to know this is a safe place. you can always come in here to vent, to tell us how you're feeling. from now on, you'll never be alone. and remember that, if you weren't born, the world would be missing a lot more than it is right now with you in it. stay safe!