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posted by Anonymous on 20 January, 2020

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i love my family and i want them in my life. but, well, they’re really homophobic. and im a lesbain. i know that they wouldn’t love me if they only knew im gay. they wouldn’t treat me the same. i dont blame them tho, my parents grew up in the ussr and all their relatives were (and still are, obviously) homophobic. they were raised this way, i know, and i know i cant change them, but i cant live like this anymore. seems like all i do is lie, lie, lie. and it disgusts me so much, i disgust me so much. i sometimes wish i wasnt born at all

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Anonymous ● 20 January, 2020 ⚓︎

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that isn't true! your parents don't have a choice whether they love you, they just do. they can get angry and say horrible things, but they will always love you deep down. the choice is yours, but there are millions of people like you who live happy lives with open identities. you are normal and loved and your feelings are totally valid. never forget that.