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i lost my mom this past april

posted by 💡1 Mellow Striped Bee on 15 February, 2019

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hello, i lost my mom this past april. she was only 55. we were really close and she was my best friend. im definitely having a really hard time. i haven’t talked to a therapist or anything because i just haven’t been ready to i suppose. i have been having anxiety & panic attacks. i will be fine for a week or so and then have a complete breakdown and it’s like i start over from the beginning with grieving. it hurts so much. i finally was so desperate i googled online therapy or forums where you can vent and express yourself. this is the website i clicked on. it has been really rough..

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Anonymous ● 13 March, 2019 ⚓︎

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where do the anxiety and panic attacks originate from, specifically? have you been... - skipping meals/neglecting your overall health? - depriving yourself of sleep, and/or intaking lots of caffeine to make up for it? - stressing about how to cope with work and/or any other affairs? - isolating yourself from the rest of the family? time will never heal the wound, but it will ease the pain. those aren't original words, but they're the best words you can have right now. while it is normal for you to have anxiety/panic attacks following your mom's passing, please do not try anything drastic or unusual to ease the pain; you may just dig yourself in deeper. eat healthy and well. be active. get as much sleep as you did prior to her passing. take leave from the rest of the world if you need to. this sounds like some motivational bullshit straight out of a walmart book, but it isn't meaningless. don't go to a therapist. not yet. talk to what family you still have. make them listen to you. make yourself listen to them. stay with one another-- i don't mean a three hour visit. live closely to each other and spend some time for yourselves for a while. take time to truly and devotionally bond with them. your mother has left a gaping hole between y'all, and you can't neglect it. it only makes things worse. if you still feel as horrible as you do now even after trying all that, visit a therapist. take care of yourself, mellow.