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is this my fault?

posted by 💡1 Quaint Mahogany Fox on 16 February, 2023

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look, i understand that i'm pretty emotional, but i just moved, and i feel like no one likes me. i feel broken. i feel like i will never be liked. i feel dumb. so i treat others like trash, to protect myself from that ever happening. i'm safe, but i'm scared, and i want to be likeable.

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Lit Speckled Cherry ● 26 February, 2023 ⚓︎

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the truth is some sort of self-talk. you definitely need to create your own chat sequence. imaginative talking and conversing or discussing just in typewritten format or story format helps you get prepared for interruptions and real life unexpected problems. develop your mental frameworks.

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Anonymous ● 17 February, 2023 ⚓︎

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i too felt that way, i learned i am honestly safe and protected to be me! that is the truth. you must remember the truth not the lie you have probably listened to for so long. do/did you enjoy being treated like trash? we are better together. period.