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should i pursue it?

posted by Anonymous on 15 November, 2021

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the worst part, i think, about falling in love is that you don’t know that you are in love when it happens. at least, not the first time around. you go about your daily life doing things like they are chores. it seems abysmal, however, i don’t think you ever realize how monotonous life truly is without experiencing the color that comes with love. it’s like that movie...what’s it called? the giver, i think. the way the world around him brightened when he truly...truly experienced life, i wanted that. i want that. because now, all i can do is think about him. whatever i am doing or wherever i am going about my daily life, i think about him. and that’s scary. scary to think that i might be the only one feeling this way and that my feelings are unreciprocated. even despite this, i can’t seem to let go of this euphoria of a feeling, knowing what love feels like. i can’t, for the life of me, seem to let this feeling go. and even if i am chasing a hopeless fate, i am glad i got to experience, even if just for a moment, what my life in color feels like. i don’t know if this is what love feels like. this is simply an interpretation, a justification of me trying to make sense of how i am feeling right now. i don’t know whether i should pursue this or just enjoy the moment. i like where we are right now, in our little bubble.

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dang, yeah..it do be like that. that feeling of euphoria when you are in love is very addictive. most of your thoughts, your time , your day dreams are spent on them. id keep this short say, if you wanna move forward in this interest you developed from within, then buckle up and lay it out, friend. whatever happens, one's gotta face the music. who knows if they like your vibes and you jam together! if they dont, you treasure how it has been for you and bid them adieu. or, if you're okay with the current dynamic, happy in the bubble and would have no regrets if they commit to others ... then live in the moment and feel the joy of drowning in love! just keep your wits about so you dont get hurt in the end. sending bear hugs!