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depression and anxiety help me

posted by 💡1 Fast Coral Jellyfish on 30 August, 2019

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my life is at its worst right now, i have no one to talk to my family doesnt even like me, my mum is toxic and she controls my dad and he cant do anthing. my boyfriend doesn't even try help me, he just cares for himself i try and rant to him and all he does is get mad and blames me. ive had depression and anxiety for 4 years now and i am 16 i need help from other people going through the same no one understands, and i feel like im numb 24/7, but thank you for reading and sorry if this doesnt make sense.

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💡137 💎2 Delightful Scarlet Jellyfish ● 21 September, 2019 ⚓︎

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hey there! you've mentioned your parents and your boyfriend, but you haven't mentioned any friends. isn't there someone close to you, someone you can talk to about the way you've been feeling? being numb is the worst, not being able to feel a thing makes it very hard to shed some light on your situation. if you ever need someone to talk to, know that you'll find someone in here. however, if you have any possibility to find professional help, please do so. do what makes you more comfortable, but please try to help yourself the best way you can