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who’s the fool

posted by Anonymous on 18 June, 2019

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how is it that i’m the fool when i ain’t the one that got escorted by security to leave on graduation when i was sitting in my cap and gown, my fathers gf who was acting like a nut call herself bringing alcohol she started acting crazy as soon as she took a couple of sips. the first thing i got was a text message from my father saying it’s not what you think it is like really so i suppose to just brush this off like it’s nothing? like seriously it is a big deal because not only did she acted like an idiot she embarrassed, my mom was so heated at my father because she said to him you gotta this mess not me or anybody else, gf the nerve to get mad at me all because security escorted her out as to think i caused no bitch you did that to yourself

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Anonymous ● 26 June, 2019 ⚓︎

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wow thats insane