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nsfw, descriptive medical condition, happy ending

posted by Anonymous on 14 November, 2020

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im a healthy young adult. always been fit and health conscious with proper diet and water intake. by some odd unfortunate luck, i had an anal fissure. i was absolutely shocked to feel the sharp scraping pain followed by steady dripping in the water. i had this feeling of impending doom and felt faint while processing what has happened. i was slightly ashamed to share this with others and resolved to take care of myself for a few days before heading to a doctor. tried increasing my water content, exercising with minimal diet changes (it was already decent), local cream applications but for the next two days its been absolutely painful to have the wound re-open everytime i had a bowel movement. seeing the streaks of blood made me tear up both in pain and dismay. i really wanted to hold back but doing that would just worsen the condition. resolved again to stay strong and go through with the process. today i had a very soft bowel movement and i almost cried in happiness as it didnt disturb the healing wound :') im so happy , i did a happy dance and said so many thank yous out loud. i really wanted to share my story (sorry for the abhorring details whoever had read so far) and share my happiness with someone. im gonna keep up with this and get better!

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Anonymous ● 25 November, 2020 ⚓︎

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im glad you did! these are part of hidden issues that disable you and bother you inside , literally and figuratively. and you know, it kinda made me appreciate the times when i didnt need to think about it and made me take care of health even better. im doing okay now! hope you are too. thanks for responding.