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love is hard

posted by 👍1 💡13 Quick Sparkling Dolphin on 21 July, 2019

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love it's a drug never use it to use somebody only in a pure heart can you find true love everything else just fades away it's like life was gray before someone like you came into view i came out of my cage and iv been doing just fine but the tiger is sleeping on the inside with all the money in the world the love cannot be mine in paradise surrounded by 369 destiny is calling me i want it all i'm falling asleep i'm breaking the wall i'm stirring the drink i'm giving everything away for the love that i believe to be true it's in everyone one of you ~love is real

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👍2 💡14 Little Silver Peony ● 24 July, 2019 ⚓︎

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wow, i love this!