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having a weak stomach ruins my life

posted by 💡4 Excellent Smooth Robin on 06 February, 2022

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i don't know where to start so... i might as well describe how i feel today. i need to get this out of my head. i'm really not feeling well today. as always i could that it's because of stomach problems, not to say digestion problems. for the first time in months i just started drinking coffee again. i am intolerant to gluten and probably to some other grains than wheat (i know it sounds annecdotal, but i live with this concern on a daily basis, and my situation being particular - i can't ingest bread without choking to death in my sleep... i haven't had an official diagnosis. and that makes me feel like crap every time i have to explain this problem to others. i don't feel legitimate. even though the feeling in my throat is real) anyway, i thought that paying attention to these few foods was enough. but no, coffee seems to make it worse i couldn't stop shaking this afternoon. i was with my other half and we saw some of their friends but i was nauseous at the time. i had to move to a side room, having a hard time stopping shaking. eventually it went away. then i heard them talking about things that worried me and i think i lost my temper at that point... and came back to my own home. tense and nervous. to be forced to hear the things that are going on around you so passively.... i hate this situation... i'll probably still be struggling with my partner again now, because of my disapearance from that evening too. but everyone wa so loud and agressive too... i don't know what i can do when i feel so tired that i can't articulate a "please change topics, talk more softly" from the other room. i'm so tired of being like this. and this isn't the first time it happens... i want to vanish until everything is solved. i want to be able to eat like everyone again. or ar least, i want to know what hurted me this time... i also want to find a real doctor who cares too. sorry for that long an almost chaotic rant.

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💡4 Excellent Smooth Robin ● 06 February, 2022 ⚓︎

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i'm sorry for all the typos in this by the way. tiredness isn't helping...

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Anonymous ● 07 February, 2022 ⚓︎

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"i haven't had an official diagnosis..." obviously, this is where you have to begin. locate a doctor you feel good about. do the research online. there is always information, yelp reviews, other sites that will provide details about doctors. pick one and go. you're describing multiple symptoms and situations. you have to start with one. deal with that, then move on to the next. your post is reflecting that you feel overwhelmed. start with one thing. that usually helps. i wish you luck with it.