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bad marriage

posted by Anonymous on 08 October, 2021

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i’m definitely taking matters into my own hands in deciding to move out from my husband. it’s already proven that he’s been cheating on me i discovered a voicemail message on the house phone from a woman saying when is the next time i can come over to the house i love spending time with you,so i lost it as a result of that i’m filing for divorce before he decides to file he doesn’t know what he’s about to lose and that is me your wife for 10 years of marriage

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Anonymous ● 26 October, 2021 ⚓︎

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i'm so sorry this has happened to you, but you should talk to him about it and get to the bottom of it like if she was indeed the other women maybe it was a friend who he hangs out with from the past. just dont go into a yelling and screaming match..be like whose this person who left a message? is she a coworker or someone you know? let him tell his side of the story then decided after ten years that you have had enough then go forward with divorcing. sorry i wasnt much help but hope you all the best. just dont jump to conclusions until you know the real story. ask him about it first. good luck.