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i'm so embarrassed. also i think i might be lactose intolerant?

posted by 💡1 Simply Prismatic Bear on 30 June, 2022

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so i just started this training course a few days ago for a job position with a few others. very quiet people but nice overall. today we finished up our morning session and it was time for a short lunch break, which i spent drinking a very nice cappuccino in a nearby cafe. i went back to the class and we resumed our work quietly. but it wasn't long before my stomach started growling and making the weirdest noises ever fml. and it was so loud!! :( i should also mention that i sit next to a guy who most likely heard every noise my stomach was making, because he snickered a few times when it was happening. at one point i excused myself to use the bathroom and thought it's just trapped gas but it didnt help much! my stomach just kept singing the song of its people when i went back and im so mortified. im pretty sure the other people in class heard it too as they kept glancing my way. im just having a mini break down over this knowing i have to go back tomorrow morning and see them all again :( also it didnt ever occur to me that i might be lactose intolerant as most dairy products i've consumed before dont have this effect on me. except for creamy cakes. and cappuccino i guess. not sure how to face them tomorrow ugh

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Anonymous ● 10 July, 2022 ⚓︎

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i get your embarrassment but we don't get to choose the kind of body we have. public has a short attention span. you will dwell longer on this issue than your fellow trainees.