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i fail myself again and again

posted by Anonymous on 12 February, 2020

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im 28 now and throughout my life i keep living in such a mindless way, get stuck in ruts or have anxiety, fatigue and struggle to keep up. i have yet to finish a degree and earn a salary or support myself. i am just being lazy and entitled and avoiding my responsibilities . i eat unhealthily, cannot stick to a diet, lay about and avoid doing the last of my uni work which will help me graduate. i have not put in any effort for months . it is unbelievable . feb jan dec nov oct sep aug july all these months that i had to do it and i have left myself with less than 4 weeks to write the whole thing. i am not living to create a good future for myself . i am wasting away and ruining my prospects . my daily habits are shameful , what am i doing with my time . why am i wasting my life. im 28 and my life has passed me by , the best years . im making myself ugly and ruining what i have . how could i do this? do i want to see myself fail ? do i want to feel ashamed to all my family and friends. why am i not acknowledging the consequences of my actions . i have been here time and time . dumb avoidant lazy , hopeless

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Anonymous ● 14 February, 2020 ⚓︎

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thank you for your impactful words; like words from the dad i never had chance to gain encouragement from. im really glad that you replied