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i feel ugly inside and out.

posted by Anonymous on 27 May, 2020

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i used to wake up every morning excited about life. now i just live it. i look in the mirror, sometimes what i see it okay. other times i am disgusted and embarrassed especially because i know at the end of the day its who you are inside that really counts. then i feel even worse because i hate who i am. i have tried to be so many different personalities to make other people happy and to fit in and now i forget who i am. now i overthink and i feel "basic". i want to be something that other people aspire to be but i feel like i will never be my dream.

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Specifically Silver Wallaby ● 15 July, 2020 ⚓︎

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hello! first of all, i just want to say that although i don't know you, i think you are wonderful. i think that maybe instead of focusing on trying to becoming someone else or figuring out who you are, you should focus on finding things that make you happy. nobody else. i think that when we are doing things that truly make us happy, we are being our best selves simply by allowing ourselves to feel joy. and the rest will come naturally! also, think about this; nobody is truly "basic". i know this sounds cheesy, but we are all inherently different and unique in every way. once we are released from the labels of "basic" or "cool" or whatever it may be, we find ourselves. our unique selves. our happy selves. good luck to you!