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i miss being sad??

posted by 👍3 💡20 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey on 28 April, 2019

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to anyone who knows about like all my other insights, i don't cut anymore. i have some school therapist thing too now i guess? but whenever i'm just sitting at my pc with nothing to do i just miss going on tumblr and looking at thinspo and other people's cuts. i miss relating to angsty fanfictions and i miss the want to cut. i don't get it. i lost the want to all of that two or three days before i started therapy and i've only felt the cutting one once or twice. i miss being sad. i don't get it. this isn't even for attention too, i miss it because of how it feels kind of?? idk but i wish i didn't miss it.

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👍3 💡20 Slightly Symmetrical Monkey ● 02 May, 2019 ⚓︎

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that's true, thank you for responding to me.